Astrological Charts Available

Astrology; as above, so below. Think of your chart as shorthand, symbols displayed in a way that when read by an astrologer offer up information to help you throughout this journey we call life. Please note, these charts can take up to 48 hours to be sent.

I offer three types of chart:

  1. Your natal chart, sometimes called your birth chart. A look at where the planets were at the time, date and place of your birth and the information it offers. Nothing, in my opinion, is cast in stone but it does help to know what tools you’ve got at your disposal if you want to bring about change, pursue your true calling or deepen your astrological knowledge. You’ll find your rising sign, Moon sign, where was Venus when you were born and on it goes; a unique look at the heavens at the moment of your birth. This chart comes with a personally written page of my intuitive reading of your chart. £29.99

  2. Your solar return, where the planets are as the Sun returns to his starting point in your chart; many happy returns! This look at the year ahead makes a great birthday gift, it sets the tone for the year setting out challenges and opportunities to help you make the most of the upcoming twelve months. £29.99

  3. The lunar return, similar to the solar return but set for one month. Let your Moon be your guide for the month ahead, offering you the best times to push forward and when to rest and an amazing way to chart how the Moon’s cycles influence you on a day by day basis. £20.00