November 2018 




November Astrology

Read your rising sign if you know it.



It’s a big month as some of the bigger planets change signs and the list of those in retrograde gets shorter. First up is Uranus, back in Aries for his final hurrah in this fiery sign. Return to the start of this year and look again at how effectively you used the element of surprise to shake things up. Jupiter is on his annual change of outfit as he leaves the depths of Scorpio, the trumpets sound and he’s back in his hometown of Sagittarius. Expand, bountiful, abundance are keywords; so too are gluttony and excess. Use his magic wisely. Mars is in Pisces from the 15th, I will if you will, will you, will you? Courage in the face of old fears, find someone to hold your hand which may be easier from the 16th as Venus stops her retro and what’s been undone begins the healing process and trust returns. Mercury reverses on the 17th, stand by your bus timetables, in Sagittarius he’s doubly tricky with overseas travel and don’t sign that contract if you can avoid it. Neptune is forward from the 23rd, a fog lifts in your Pisces governed sector. New Moon is 7th in Scorpio, full is in Gemini on the 23rd.


Aries/Aries Rising

He’s back! Uranus is in the house from the 6th, reversing and charged up ready to clear out anything or anyone who stands in your way. You may not even realise you’re doing it, suddenly upset a few folk or just forget to return a text perhaps? Go with it Aries, this is clearing the way for new vibes, higher callings and happier associations. Mars, governor for you, is behind you and wants to see how you respond to challenge set to break through an old fear, habit or ritual that no longer serves.


Taurus/Taurus Rising

An easing of relationship vibes may be just what you need, a chance to take a step back and think about what you really want or who with if you have more than one string to your bow? You’re feeling less impulsive, less hurry-hurry, less inclined to fall over your feet. Money matters come to a head later in the month, good to know earlier so you can sort out all those reasons why you’ve got issues in the first place? The weight of planets is above your horizon, extend out into the world like never before, in person, on line, or astral travel!


Gemini/Gemini Rising

The full Moon is in your sign on the 23rd. Build up to it this month, shift yourself into de-clutter mode and start the process early. Shed stuff, physical stuff like old CD’s and worn out shoes, then start to shift all those negative feelings and by the time she rolls around you’re ready to truly make a leap into a new lunar year; without the detritus of the past six months. Jupiter is in your relationship sky from the 8th and that brings you into a once every twelve-year vibe designed to put relationships to the fore; renewed vows, second marriages, return of ships that passed in the night perhaps?  


Cancer/Cancer Rising.

A lot happens in a month, my role is to bring you the headlines and Uranus, changing direction on the 6th, and Jupiter, moving signs on the 8th, are directing you towards work matters. Be you seeking a promotion where you are or something a little more exciting out in the big wide world, this is the month to start those balls bouncing. Hang on, shouldn’t that be balls rolling? Nope, you’re bouncing, space-hopper style from one thing to the other until you find what you’ve been looking for. Grab on tight.


Leo/Leo Rising

As you’re here, take a seat, stay a while, let’s talk about long-term plans and how they’ve changed in such short time? You were asked to be flexible but even you couldn’t have seen how much doubling back, shifting sideways and moving up and down you’d have to do. But here you are. The fog is clearing and you’re seeing the truth of it all. You’ve got what you wanted, just now how you expected to get it. Single Leo have Jupiter in their corner, he’s creating your own little love-island where you’re the picker and everyone else gets plucked. Busy times.


Virgo/Virgo Rising

I can’t tell you what to do, who can, but I can suggest you take another look at what someone really has to offer? Whether it’s a work deal or something more personal, do your homework Virgo and when you’ve got all the facts, and only then, make your choice. Some very crafty vibes are going on around you, spell out your terms and don’t let anyone think they can get away with charming you into making a choice that better suits them than you. House moves slow down, nothing to do with the season, everything to do with Mercury. Go at his pace.


Libra/Libra Rising

The word you use is okay, it covers a multitude of tough days, moody moments and a world of meh; okay. You’re not fooling anyone Libra, there are those who have recognised you needed some Libra time but now it’s over why not share what you’ve found and start by saying you’ve not been okay, but you know you will be. Then lay out your plans, your ideas and how excited you are that for the first time in ages you actually have one you believe in. Now it’s time to play hard ball; dates in the diary, tickets booked, bags packed.


Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

Jupiter is out on the 8th, he’s leaving you feeling so much richer in every way. No? Instead of money think about what you’ve learnt, how you’ve grown, what you now feel will work for you and the path you must take to make it so? As it happens, he’s moving into the money sector of your chart, so maybe his twelve-month trail through this sector will finally bring a more settled outlook to the finances? Not on his own he won’t. Play your part Scorps, start by using Uranus to resurrect an old idea that was ahead of its time; folks have finally caught up to your genius.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

The planet of luck, abundance and good fortune is in your sign from the 8th. He’s also your ruler so double whammy of all that good stuff, but he’s very dependent on how you use him Sagittarius. This is about teamwork, it’s not him doing it all, he just puts the opportunities in front of you and it’s up to you which ones you pick up and which ones you choose to ignore. The caveat is all about over-doing things; take great care not to fall into that rabbit hole. Single sorts may see the return or tall, dark and handsome or short bald and not much to look at. Who cares, it’s someone who made your heart sing and you’re ready to duet again.


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

It takes a long-time for some people to realise they can pretty much do what they want, there’s always consequences and sometimes that’s not so great but more than most it’s action that gets results. You know this Capricorn, but in the mire of sorting out other people’s stuff and being a little complacent you may have forgotten. You are re-animated this month, re-energized and ready to do all that stuff you want to do with great bit shout out the word YOU. Dreams inform you, actual sleepy dreams, listen to the messages that they bring.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

When your ruler changes signs it’s usually for a good few years, but you’ve had that thing where he tests out one sign, moves back and waits until his final leap in a few months’ time. For you that’s been about your family life and rationalising things, finding the fit for making life easier. It’s also been fire to earth to fire, tempered by external circumstances that have tested your metal. Things will begin to calm down, not because problems go away but because you handle them with greater ease. You’re moving into a world of collaborations, of groups and getting organised, work flows when you share


Pisces/Pisces Rising

Your ruler Neptune moves forward from the 25th, instead of gazing out of the window wondering what to do next you can put all those daydream revelations to good work. Jupiter offers a career elevation, maybe not this month but in the next twelve he will help shift you into a place of greater responsibility if you seek it and if not, he raises your profile anyway; best in show, best in class, best in being best. Money changes direction, good news if it’s been heading down, if it’s been heading up hang on to the gains and don’t spend unnecessarily.