August 2018 




Astrology for September



The autumn equinox, spring in the southern hemisphere, you’re seeking balance just as events of the 23rd remind us; 12 hours of light and dark. Here in the UK, nights will become noticeably longer and our trees will lose their leaves in preparation for winter, storing energy so they can bloom again in spring. Their sacrifice ensures their very existence. What do you instinctively know has to go, what must you face in the balancing act of your own life? The Moon is new on the 9th and full on the 24th, the former in Virgo declutters, and the latter in Aries kicks the backside of what’s hanging on for the sake of it. Saturn is direct from the 6th, Mars moves back into Aquarius from the 11th and Venus quits Libra from the 9th. The trickiest of that trio is Venus, she’s aiming for a re-match in November, back in Libra. If there’s a relationship do you’ve not totally sorted she’ll be on it; better dealt with now.



The Sun, Mercury and Venus all take a turn in your relationship sky this month Aries, any and all one on one connections could be up for heated debate, late night chats and chocolate induced apologies. Get your heart and mind aligned and be ready for your annual full Moon on the 24th, your chance to drop whatever you’ve just come to the end of. Saturn’s direct act plays catch up with a professional goal, now you know what’s never going to work you’ve got a chance to cash in on what will.



You’re dealing with fallout from a relationship issue but it’s not the be all and end all this month, very far from it, as Jupiter and Venus have big designs on your love life. Whether it’s a new romance or it’s far from your first rodeo it’s fun and games for those willing to participate. Not feeling it? Maybe you’re more interested in Mars and his return to the top of your chart? A work match you thought you’d lost turns out to be the biggest win of the year. Something better, the magic, illusive something better, comes along.



When you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do, how about trying what you want to do? Throw the rule book away Gem, do things your own way and you’ll get the results you wanted all along. Some folks are meant to follow the funnel, do the routine and get decent results but where’s the soul, where’s the imagination? Life isn’t run by committee, well you’re life isn’t, and this month shows you where you’ve been living in black and white and what you needed all along was colour. Get the paint out.



Sometimes it’s easy to see where trends are flowing, looking at your chart there are hotspots, moments of relationship turnarounds early on and the burst of energy on the home-front urging a house move or a swim upstream back to the rivers of your youth. All of it seems very nice, and it is, but what about the heart pounding moments of the unexpected, the white-knuckle reminders that you’re still alive and eager for an adventure? New friends provide an edge, only you can choose to walk it.



Plenty will tell you what you want to hear, some will tell you what you need to hear, but how’s about a bit of silence so you can hear yourself? Nothing is wrong Leo, nothing is desperately in need of fixing but there are small adjustments trying to percolate through the activity you’ve surrounded yourself with at work, rest and play. Calm your mind and you’ll hear the wee still voice of self. Then the fun can really begin as you remind some folks who is really in charge.



You’re top of the list as it’s Virgo Season. I have no idea when we started having seasons in astrology but I kind of like it, it means we’re all activating our Virgo skies and for you that means the Sun’s focus too. Use him to light up Mercury’s gifts of communication, organisation and clipboard warrior driven work changes. Then there’s your very own new Moon, 9th, and an opportunity to make a wish and send it into the ether with dream come true vibes. By the equinox your season ends; let it leave you in a smarter place!



This equinox is always the move of the Sun into your sign, so from the 23rd this year the Sun is illuminating Libra and by then your lovely ruler Venus will be out, she’s off on the 9th. But she will be back. Any heartfelt discussions, things left unsaid and past trials and tribulations not addressed may go off to gather intel, gather allies and gather strength waiting to return. But you won’t let that happen, your heart on your sleeve is okay Libra, you’re built for it. Mars introduces new playmates for single sorts of those moving on.



It’s nothing to you, you can cut the ties to social media, block a number and forget it ever happened, that is a gift of sorts Scorpio. But you’re not fooling your besties. You may act like it’s nothing, but they know better. Allow them in, just one if it’s easier, but drawbridges need lowering regardless of where or what’s going on. In other news a stalled house move could be back on, a work deal makes an unexpected return and a hidden romance is outed. Busy much Scorps?



As the Sun, a new Moon and Mercury make their way through the top of your chart it’s a great time for your professional life. To be clear Sagittarius, no magic fairy folk are going to lift you up and plonk you down in front of a would-be employer, but the winds are fairer than they have been in a while. Over to you. What could be inescapable is a shift in a financial matter, mainly down to the work you’ve already put in. Things are improving, proof, if you needed it, that actions speak louder than words.



Whilst you’ve still got some ground to gain you can at last look forward to doors opening rather than having to batter them down. Saturn’s direct motion, from the 6th, is a double whammy of rulership and residency and holds an appropriate amount of force. Much of this new dynamic is driven by people, people who finally make good on their promises or introduce you to new methods be that personal or professional. Think personal trainers right through to teachable moments.



Mars is in your sign from the 11th, technically that’s back in your sign. He’s been in reverse but now he’s back his big question is what do you now see that was never broken in the first place and can you re-instate it? Job, relationship, DVD player, what is it that you need to get back into working order? Jupiter is pushing for some major alliances at work, Venus helps out from the 9th and with a renewed interest in what it is you do things are looking fabulous. No. More fabulous that that; fab-u-lous.



You don’t know if you want to watch Strictly, the X-Factor or what about Bake Off? Here’s an idea, what about none of them? Be it telly or not, there’s a distraction pulling you away from bigger and better things Pisces and as tempting as it is to give in, its more fulfilling if you don’t. Around the 9th you get support from someone who sees you losing your way and he or she helps to pull you from the fog of disillusionment regardless of how it appears around you. He or she may also have the hots for you. Just saying.