The equinox, 20th, brings equal night and day but more importantly the daylight begins to win and we see more of it, noticeably so. Astrologically it’s the beginning of Aries and therefore the zodiac wheel is re-activated as the cycle of the twelve signs gets a new start.



Here’s the raw heat of the Sun at the equinox, with the full-on sign that you are it’s getting hot in here. If you feel more inclined to look after yourself a bit better, to rest more or eat more of those greens listen to Mars and with the review provided by Venus it’s a perfect time to get things into order. Mars will also order a review of your money, take a raw look at what’s coming in and what’s going out and with his impending links to Pluto in your career sky don’t be surprised if a job change is on its way too.



You feel like taking even more time, doing the whole Taurus delay thing, the plod and even though you think it’s not a conscious decision T, maybe it is? You know you need more time to think things through, to stall on signing that contract or saying yes to that date but rather than just saying it you’ll find a way to slow things down. Fair enough, but it may not work as the planets have other plans. Expect to be pushed where you’d rather dig in, definitely a good thing T.



We are stardust, but just how does that help you when your bus is late and your boss has called a meeting for nine? The practical side of your nature is fighting against that part of you that see’s and feels the bigger picture, your desire to be something grander in the. This month you may hear others talk about you, wonder about you, ask if you’re still on the team, and none of them will even notice or care that you’ve overheard them. Perhaps the universe is conspiring to let you know that in a world of ducks, you’re an eagle. Soar.



Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! Professionally there may be a sign there are sharks around, ready to take away a role or thwart that promotion, but something has changed Cancer, you’re a stronger swimmer now. The past few months have taught you how to stay afloat when previously you would have sunk to the depths of staying where you are, not being all that bothered thank you very much. But now? Now, you’re the fighter.



Not sure if it’s wishful thinking or if you’re really seeing some changes at work? It’s a combination of both perhaps, a symbiotic relationship between your desires and the way other folks read them? Maybe you’ve been putting in extra effort and you’re not all that aware of it, or maybe your boss has seen you do extremely well in recent debates, courses or even arguments with your colleagues and wants to put your Leo roar to good use? Whatever has caused it you’re offered a new path consider taking it. Fully.



As the month begins you have the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your relationship sky, so your one-on-one dynamic has and probably still is being worked through with a partner, best mate, family member or colleague. Transparency is the way forward Virgo, hide nothing and insist on the same, and as you work through any issues that appear, know that this month you will see things to the end, you may even be finishing what was started a month or so ago? Have courage.



When you hear the bleating lambs, feel the warmer air and smell the earth awaken from her sleep turn your thoughts to spring, to the equinox and to relationships as that is always the home of the Sun for you and your solar chart. This is not a month to shy away from I love you, I love you but can’t live with you, I love you but you really do need to know a few home truths. Don’t allow things to go unsaid or they will fester and as we all know, what festers will eventually pop.



The tenacity you feel for a passion you have is measured, it’s congruent with your objective and you know precisely how you can make it happen, you have a calm about you. Not for long. Once you step up, once you show what you’re about the gates will open to enquiries, more work, abundance and a need to re-organise your life to fit it all in. Are you up for the task Scorpio? It’s a total re-arranging of your life, well maybe it’s a total re-arranging of those bits of your life that are out of synch with who you want to become?



Venus has taken notes, she’s mixed with friends old and new and she’s come up with a new plan but she’s not going to reveal it all at once; she wants to wait until the timing is just right. Her idea is to get the right people around you, those who are as creative as you and those who will compliment your style as you compliment theirs. That may sound like a bit of do, but what if you’ve given your all then you’re in line to have it all? And if you haven’t? Best get your sleeves rolled up and get with it, this is not an opportunity to be missed.



No matter how much you invest in someone they are free to do what they want, you know that Capricorn but still it’s disappointing when all that time, emotional energy and even money hasn’t made a bit of difference. Letting go, letting them find their own way is something you may have to do early on this month but in doing so you can play the role of wise one, of seer, of guru to some extent. Perhaps it’s better this way, perhaps being there for them saves you the strife of trying to explain one more time why they may not be making the right choices?



This month offers you opportunity for review, a chance to look at money, your wellbeing, how you show up in conversations, a house deal, overseas travel, groups and a past event that all converge in a month of magic and wonder akin to any mystery. It begins with a female in your life who changes her mind, not about something small or insignificant but something that could make your blood boil at her inconsistency and whilst you could rant about it always being like this, this time you can see why she’s changed her mind. Join in.



You begin the month crowned with stars, the Sun is in your sign, Mercury is there too and your ruler Neptune holds court as he will for years to come.. So, the Sun is shining, the cake is flowing, the gifts are heading your way and the attention and focus is on you. Mercury has you at your most charming and he will help you flirt, charm and convince Eskimos to buy snow should you need to even with his backwards moves. He’s also a relationship planet for you and that may come in handy when Venus joins the happy band later this month? Flirtability factor is up!