January Astrology


The year starts with two eclipses; 6th is a new Moon partial solar eclipse in Capricorn and the 21st sees a full Moon lunar eclipse in Leo. Both demand a new start, new structures that may arise from dramas but be it personal or universal know any changes are overdue and for the best. Your working life, debts and the accumulation of what you call wealth are under review. Wealth isn’t about riches, it’s what you consider makes you rich and we all know money does not need to be on that list. I for one am concentrating on the abundance of love in my life and a willingness to use Mars in Aries, January 1st, and Uranus direct, 6th, to accept perceived rules for doing this or that no longer; setting my own from here on in. Welcome to 2019.



Mars in your own sign, he’s your governor too, is something to celebrate by pushing that big red button clearly marked boost! Push it Aries, go on, you know you want to send something into warp speed and given the eclipses it’s most likely a work deal or a new romance. You’re cautioned, told to hold it back, slow things down but that advice is about control not action; use this powerful time but use it wisely.



Uranus turning direct signals his return to your own sign, from early March, so now’s the time to tie up any lose ends you feel could delay the surprising events you have planned for 2019. Finalise visas, sort out your health plans, deal with those who think the past is a better world than the future you’ve set your heart on. Change is imminent, starting with a world you never thought possible opening up for you. And who?



Mates will have a lot of advice for you, so too will every Tom, Rick and Harriet on the socials. Some will offer it because you ask, some will chip in because it’s what they do, but do yourself a favour Gem and tune into your own voice for once. It’s not easy; you do like to yap, but try to think without speaking those thoughts out loud? Debts and joint ventures are being purged, face up to them square on.



The Moon is your ruling planet, new and full Moon’s usually effect you more than most so it stands to reason the eclipses will ramp that up a notch. You’re right to circle the 6th and the 21st in your diary Cancer, or set an alert of you’re being fancy, those days and two either side of them could bring Moody McMoodface your way. But. They also bring the prospect of huge shifts in both money and romance respectively.



The lunar eclipse of the 21st in your sign is a Super Moon, not something I personally get my knickers in a twist over but some will I am sure. Therein lies the trick Leo. Are you going to buy into the herd mentality or are you going to sit down and consider what you really want rather than being pulled along by routine, what others are doing or saying? A well considered argument, a well thought out plan; you’ll need it.  



I know you’re not one for making a fuss, not one for dragging things up from the past unless it’s absolutely necessary, so it may be necessary. Sometimes things are uncomfortable V, sometimes they need to be said not so that you look clever or win points but because it’s the truth. No drama. A tough ask sort of month, one where you will have to play the voice of reason, no matter how unpopular that makes you.



Your ruler Venus is moving out of Scorpio, at last, she’s moving into Sagittarius on the 7th and that very longs stay in the sign of secrets and hidden feelings is over. So now you can come out and say it, reveal who you’ve been hankering after, who you’ve been hanging out with and who you’ve been snogging by the bike-shed. No? Maybe it’s about a house move, finally making that choice?



Venus is out of your sign from the 7th, day after the new Moon asks you to say your piece, speak up and declare the rules you want to put in place for the year ahead; coincidence? You and a partner, bestie or worstie have words and it’s clearing the air so you can breath better and that’s whatever ‘better’ means to you. 21st lunar eclipse is all about your professional goals; this is a BIG month for positive changes.



Jupiter, ruler and resident, is forming a confrontational aspect to Neptune who is also in his home sign. Such power is not something that’s seen very often, so use it wisely; but how? For you it’s about house and home, bricks and blood, making sure you’re confronting cracks in the ceiling as well as how you get on with Aunty Mable. Money and overseas travel are highlighted too; an interesting mix?



The 6th and that partial solar eclipse new Moon is where you begin to put together your plans for the year to come. Uranus moving direct the same day signals a turn towards more creativity in your life but first you should think about geography. Where you live, who with and the climate that brings you is something that needs a little exploration. But watch costs Capricorn; keep borrowing to a minimum.



Your ruler Uranus is moving direct on the 6th, the delays you’ve experienced recently begin to make sense and you might even have some conversations that include the words ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘you were right’ imagine that! Clarity is important as you build allies for the months ahead, especially with family members. Around the 21st expect a relationship shake up, what’s solid will survive and thrive.



Not sure what’s going on? Don’t know if it’s the right time to change jobs? Some folks not being too kind about your ideas or plans and as for taking to centre stage; no thank you! Clarity is a result of feeling lost in it all and Jupiter is calling enough, demanding you act regardless of whether it feels right or wrong. Act. Truth is, you can’t make a mistake under such other-worldly support. Procrastination is your enemy.