The Taurus new Moon, 4th, brings an excuse to eat, drink and be covered in chocolate and to kick start anything that brings you closer to financial security. Mercury joins the Sun in Taurus from the 6th and Venus brings her beauty home to her happy place from the 15th, joining the Sun, Mercury and newly placed Uranus. As well as eating and drinking you can now add a bullish approach to your love life which is no bad thing! Mars is in Cancer from the 16th, the crab gets armoured up and we all get a little pushy around all things home and family. The full Moon on the 18th is in Scorpio, no place to hide so just come out and say it, let those emotional moments clear the air. The Sun is in Gemini from the 21st and Mercury moves in with him. Yappity-yap-yap-yap time as we enter the season for communication. Let’s call it that. Yap.



What do you value? Who do you value? What possessions can you do without and what will you defend with your last breath? It’s time to stand for something Aries or stay seated and sit this one out. You’re called to make a difference in the world, in your world, and if that means having to storm a few battlements then so be it. Get your active on, be that off to the gym, sorting out the job situation or rattling sabres with like minded sorts.



It’s all about you, even after the Sun leaves you on the 21st, it’s about Taurus luxury, the food, the bevvy, the soft touch of velvet, the music and the art as you indulge your senses and lead yourself into a life where you feel it all. But first you might want to say yes to a few folks; the new employer, the new love, the new lifestyle that lurks inside waiting to be released. Draw up a list, who are you, who are you becoming? Burn it on the 4th and let it be so.



Darling Gemini, can I help you find the off switch for that head of yours? You may think you don’t need it turning off, maybe turning it down a bit would be better but is it, is it really? Early this month you’re asked to stay in, count your pennies and harken after the day when pounds will fall your way, and they will. Get some structure, get rules and don’t break them this time. Later this month the Sun returns, finally you see the new beginning and it’s all about heart not head; let the heart have what it wants.



Whispers in the architrave will echo in the cloisters. Beware those with lofty ideals who consider themselves and authority on you and your life Cancer, they are not. With each choice ask if it’s yours or are you moving into pleasing others whilst defying your own intuition or your own logic? Hold your choices close, be ready to make moves that may not suit your nearest and dearest but are perfect for you. Mars is with you from the 16th, push on with big ideas.



What would you have folks do? Maybe you can do it all on your own Leo? Probably not, so why not say yes to the offers of help, why not admit you need and army to get to where you want to be and why not see you have one at your command? This month is one for re-organisation Leo, one for changing your schedules and shifting everything from your work status to how travel cards. What goes, what stays, let your team know.



There’s a great Scottish word that means to faff about, to take hours instead of the moments needed; to plitter. So, stop plittering about V; you know what it is you want to see happen with that bloke from the workshop, you’re well aware of how she feels about you and they really do want someone just like you to join the team. If, and it’s very likely, there’s a link to overseas, a link to education and big impossible dreams come true the no plitter rule is doubled.



Venus is out of your relationship sky from the 15th and with her goes the queue of suitors you’ve been enjoying, or maybe it’s been collaborations of another sort Libra? Whoever has held out their hand, or any other body-part, is now asking for a commitment or their bus fare home; choice is yours. You’ve got some catching up to do with your grand plan, career perhaps, and later this month you will be caught out if you haven’t done what was asked of you.



Love is in the air Scorps and for the first time since you were born the planet Uranus sits alongside the annual pass of the Sun, your relationship new Moon and the regular visit of Mercury and Venus. All of that coupled with a full Moon in your own sign, 18th, asks you to be clear about what you want from all of your relationships and to be quick about it. Do not mistake quick with being rash, it’s less about sudden choices and more about finally making a move.



The final days of the Mars and Jupiter opposition could bring you some agitated conversations, the sort that start off well-meaning enough but end up with point scoring and told you so. Avoid it by engaging the two ears, one mouth technique; listen before you speak. If money is at the core of your debate know this, any hardship is about re-structuring things to better deal with an ongoing situation. Help could come from an early promotion at work.



Saturn and the South Node are unanimous, Pluto is chipping in too. It’s time for you to let go of those old habits and routines that no longer serve you, let go and replace them with something that’s more akin to the new you that’s been pushing its way out of the self-induced cocoon you’ve found yourself in over the past few years. Arrange a social, re-acquaint yourself with life and get ready to spread your wings.



You’re no longer interested in half-truths or those who spout them, you don’t care for the wishy-washy platitudes of doe-eyed followers and want to seek out those who lead, those who tell it how it is and create some excitement in you. All well and good Aquarius, but know this brings with it farewells, goodbyes that must be executed well or else they swing back and drag you with them. Share the reasons you’re moving on; painful but much needed.



A sudden clearing of the mist could reveal a near miss on the work front, a job you coveted but not achieved turns out to be a blessing or maybe someone you thought was the one isn’t a tenth of what you were looking for? What about finding what is for you? A new set of contacts, new mates, workmates or even playmates are heading your way Pisces and in amongst them are the leads you need. Follow the glitter, sparkly sorts will light the way.