The Awakened soul


Let the magic begin. . . . 

One thing I am asked about more than anything, is how to grow both intuitively as well as spiritually, how to work with your own awakening to get the most from it? 

My response? You need support and you need a structure.

This has prompted me to put together a ten-month course,  from the spring equinox on 20th March to the winter solstice on 21st December, that will take you through ten spiritual laws, ten shining temples and ten opportunities to dive deeper into the pool of knowledge and information they each have to offer.

Along the way you’ll have an opportunity to meet guides, Archangels, enhance your astrological and tarot knowledge as well as recognise karmic conditions that urge you on, some challenging, but never more than you call to you. 

Understanding the worlds you live in will bring you a deeper understanding of how to operate within the multiverse with a greater awareness; a greater connection to your true self.


Based on Qabalah, and the Tree of Life, you will explore how these spiritual laws and principles show up in your own life, how you currently deal with them, what you’d like to clear and what you’d like to enhance.

Every month you’ll be offered an online seminar, work-sheets and a meditation that will help build into a catalogue of memories that brings your self-awareness to new levels.

Each step will be consolidated, completed with a meditation to an inner temple and a self-analysis questionnaire to add to your journaling, a questionnaire extraordinaire as it probes your astrology, your tarot or oracle cards; your magik. 

There will also be a Facebook group and a weekly Q&A therin.

Investment is £400 and you can choose to pay £40 monthly for ten months, if that works out easier for you. 


What you get each month: 

One teaching webinar 


Facebook Group support 

1 x Meditation mp3 

1 x Ritual and meditation mp3

Monthly astrology published in Facebook group

E-mail support

20% off all my online appointments

and your natal chart when you sign up




Month One: Discrimination and Action

What do you really want? You need to get clear on it, super clear. Why would you keep on doing all this work and not be fully aware of where you’re pointing it? See the map, plot a route. You get to choose, is it work, is it home, is it family or your love life?Is it all of it? We need to talk about that! 

Month Two: Mirrors and Memories

The Universe is like a mirror, it reflects back what you put out and in order to be sure you're putting out the right stuff, you need to take charge, to train your subconscious in the magical art of reflection. Take charge of what you give out so you can reflect what you want back more effectively. 

Month Three: Images

Images are everywhere, they show up in our heads and it’s down to us to turn them into something useful, and what about self image? What thoughts put you into a lower gear and how can you change them, how can you work with your powerful mind in a more effective way? 

Month Four: Relativity and Perception

Some weeks pass quickly, some drag; what about those folks who seem to fit everything in where you struggle to keep on top of life?  staying out of other people’s business will free up more time to concentrate on you!  And what about feelings, do they rule you? Challenge those feelings, find a way to balance them with your thoughts. 

Month Five: Adaption or Change

Adapting is something we all do, you adapt to bigger jeans instead of looking at the cause and effect of eating much but do you want to change that? You make those choices, nobody else. How can you restore balance in your life, moderation in all things perhaps? How can you do it without feeling you're sacrificing things you love? 

Month Six:  Cause and Effect

Karma may be another way of looking at the law of cause and effect, for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. Looking at your own karmic conditions can be a real eye opener. Not so much past lives as the multidimensional soul you really are, you're all your lives. 

Month Seven: Order and Timing

Order and timing is knowing that everything has its time and place, the flower grows and, at the perfect time, it will bloom. Know when it’s your turn to bloom and when it may be better to store your energy. Here you'll climb a mountain, remind yourself that to reach the summit you must take that all important first step. 

Month Eight: Polarity

You know what polarity is right? It’s usually the opposite, like north and south poles, but isn’t it also how they work together and the fact that they are opposites makes them attractive to each other? Yin and Yang, one just not as effective without it's counterpart. How does it show up in your life? 

Month Nine: Rotation or Cycles

We all know that life moves in cycles, the obvious ones being the seasons, the new and full Moon perhaps? But you can see them in your own life, can you recognise them and how can astrology help you with that? Why have you chosen the challenges you've chosen and where have you hidden the means to overcome them? 

Month Ten: Expression or Creativity

Create something for itself and for no other reason, start something new in your life because it seems like fun and make it an expression of you and see where that leads you? There are no rules, you're the ruler of your domain, so what sort of world do you want to live in? 


Your journey and declaring your plans for 2019; your best year ever! Culminating in a grand ritual where you call in your angels, your guides and celebrate the new you!