I come from the land down under, I’ve returned from my month in Australia and what an interesting month it was! Landing on Thursday and driving up into the Perth hills for a weekend retreat on Friday wasn’t as challenging as I thought; I am putting it down to just getting on with it and an array of essential oils and good company to keep the energy going.

I had worked on The Sacred Heart retreat for months, changing it and shifting things up, throwing out draft A and ending up with draft Z then a blank sheet again. Trust was the word, so trust I did.

This was the first workshop using the new archangels and beings I’ve been working with and been introduced to over the past three years and I was beyond excited!

What a beautiful group of people. Ably assisted by Donna Wignall, Paula Nelmes and Ann Marie Docherty from Cosmoss Gateway we enjoyed the hospitality at Moondyne and the cool weather, as well as Kangaroos and Emus wandering the fields and hillsides. Magical.

Standing in our truth isn’t always easy, the primal fears of being judged, getting it wrong or not being good enough can sometimes be heard sharpening their claws in anticipation of a feast; but I had bigger magic and I was not going to shy away from using it.

Using the symbol for the Tree of Life as a guide we set off on our journey, each Angelic or being stepping up and having his or her moment to share. It was a joy to help give them a voice, an honour to be in their presence and at times hard to remember rule number one; stay in your body David!

Their names, energy and beautiful messages will move out into the wider world in the months to come and as everything else falls away this is where my attention now flows.

David X 


David Wells