Original Thinking

Feeling overwhelmed with the chatter on socials, the amount of self-help, spiritual, psychic, here’s my plan, try this? It’s an easy place to find yourself. Take time out, you need a detox; why not google the best way to do that? What happened to original thinking, can you still say you have many of those original thoughts or is everything dictated by what you’ve read, watched or heard about?

And what do you do if and when you have them? It won’t fit into the company ethos, this is how we do things, bring on the funnel, get the numbers up because points mean prizes? Remember when being original was its own reward, when folks went on a hunch, a gut instinct and not on a committee and how many ‘followers’ you have?

Truth is it’s easy to get likes, kittens can get likes.

What’s not so easy is speaking up in a world of judgement, in a world with the mouse poised waiting to deliver an opinion on whether you’re the big cheese or not? When you trust in your uniqueness you will reach the point where you see it all, see the nonsense and speak up anyway and it’s delicious.

As we head towards next weekend’s Full Moon in Pisces, 26th, ask yourself what chatter, mindless following or patriarchal agenda pushing has had its day and change your world.




David Wells