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Time for you 


There's a whole world of wonder waiting for you. Taking some sacred time, time for yourself and for your Soul's growth or is that for your Soul to help you grow? Listen to it's wisdom, listen to your higher self as you journey in and out, above and below, here and beyond. 

You can buy each one individually or as a bundle. The videos are on sale separately. 

Find a quiet space, be free of distractions, pop on your headphones and let the meditations transport you. Please do them somewhere safe and for maximum effect write your experiences down, curate the journey of your soul. You should be over 18 to download these meditations.

And don't forget to eat and drink afterwards; kettle on, biscuits out! 


Meditations individually £4 each. All three for £9

Please note, the service provider adds VAT at current rate, currently 20% 


Soul Light £4 +VAT 

Wrap yourself in light, illuminate your being so that you're better equipped to work it! Fend off negativity, shine brightly and by using this every day for one week set a new standard in your life, one where you're giving and receiving only the highest vibration

Past Life Mirror £4 +VAT

Look into the mirror that reflects back who you were in a former life. Be with this reflection of your true being, recognise where some of the traits are still with you and consider which ones stay and which ones go? Remind yourself why you're here. 

The Gathering £4 +VAT

Meet with your guides, elders, teachers and supporters in this gentle walk into a beautiful forest. Take the  time to talk to them, to learn from them, push pause when want to spend longer. Learn this journey and let it become your go-to for connecting with these wise souls. 


All Three for £9  + VAT

Download all three to add to your collection