The name Daniel is associated with strength, most of us know that Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den and instead of making him his lunch embraced him like an old friend.

 In the story of Daniel karma is explained, do unto others, but of course it may not always be that simple and sometimes those we help by removing thorns from their lives do anything but remain loyal, it’s complicated isn’t it?

 In my travels Daniel appeared as an angelic being after his introduction from Ioniel, Daniel was in fact the first after Ioniel and still is one of the most important energies to me. At first I wasn’t sure what role he played but as time went on and his image began to get stronger it was clear that in past life work he was a gatekeeper to stronger experiences as he was effectively moving from personality and soul work to soul and spirit.

 That’s not to say personality gets away with it, nobody suddenly becomes saintly, but Daniel’s presence was strengthening the link and making not just past life work but all meditations deeper and tangibly so, even for those who had trouble meditating. He opens up the energy, clears the pathways to the memory and directs the soul to it’s truths. I have worked without using Daniel, purposely left him out of group visualisations as well as individual ones, and later used one where he features and the latter always delivers greater results.