As a teacher, reader, practitioner, coach or spiritual professional you might...

  • Feel called to become more familiar with the astral plane
  • Be keen to hone and develop your connection with your own angels and guides
  • Want to build up your tarot and oracle reading skills to help your clients
  • Know that now is the time to fully step into your spiritual gifts and talents such as channelling and psychic development and you would value experienced guidance to help

I work with spiritual practitioners and business professionals to tune up their existing skills and help them go deeper, in their own way so they can enhance, hone, grow and learn how to use certain approaches and practices in their work for the benefit of themselves and their clients.

Please note this is not a business coaching offering - this service is designed to support you and your work to go deeper in its development and potency so you can grow to your fullest potential and in doing so serve your clients.

One off sessions are perfect for trouble shooting and specific advice and for consistent development, for example, honing your intuition or channeling, a series of sessions are the best way forward. Please contact me to find out more.