Here you can find a wealth of resources to help you on your spiritual pathway including THREE meditation downloads ready for you now...


After you meditate:

  • Please eat and drink, a biscuit and a cup of tea is enough

  • Always write down the messages you received and investigate any symbols or beings you saw.

  • Finally. Enjoy the experience!







Before you meditate:

  • Switch off your phone

  • Wear comfortable clothing, don’t be too full of food or starving hungry

  • Light a candle, ask for your guides to draw close to help you and perform any protection ritual you have. Seeing yourself surrounded by a white light that vibrates outwards from your body perhaps?

  • Sit comfortably, feet firmly on the ground and back straight. You can lay down but I find that usually causes sleep!

  • Breathe deeply to this count; in for the count of four, hold it for two, out for four, hold it for two and repeat. This is a meditation of its own

  • Don’t use these meditations before you go to sleep, they are designed to offer you information so unless you want to be in that zone all night: don’t!

1) Top up your energy meditation

Use this meditation to reconnect to your universal energy, use it when you’re feeling run down, in need of realignment.


3) Crystal Connection meditation

Find the guardian of your crystal, connect with him or her and energise your crystal. Understand what it gifts to you. 

2) Past life meditation

What did you look like in a past life? This very simple meditation will help you see just that, a glimpse of what you looked like.