Awakened Soul

Ten Gateways

Providing structure to your spiritual growth in a world full of instant access isn’t easy. Distractions are plentiful and that can lead to erratic and often chaotic energy. What if you could find a system that offers an unfolding, a gentler way of moving through the chaos into something bespoke, something uniquely yours?

Welcome to the Awakened Soul, Ten Gateways online course.


The Course

From  January to June you’ll walk through ten gateways, sit in ten shining temples, meet with ten new angelic and universal beings and take a deeper dive into remembering who you are, why you are here and what your next steps will be. The Gates will open, guidance will be given but only you can walk the path ahead, assisted by powerful and ancient energies. There will be a very limited amount of spaces.

This course has deadlines, it has homework, it requires effort and true commitment to your soul; are you ready?

Gateway One – Elements, Daniel - keeper of the 1st gate; The Earth gate,

What does Earth, Air, Fire and Water really mean elementally. What are they, how do they help you and how can you use these energies to bring about change? How to set up an altar, where to put what and how to increase the power of your visualisations. Your first temple working to the realms of Daniel, a stabilising experience as you’re made more aware of using your energy in this dense, 3D world.

Gateway Two – Memories, past lives, habits, Hironiel - keeper of the 2nd gate; The Moon gate.

Here we meet the Goddess of the Moon and discover what the Moon means in your chart, how she affects your subconscious and what stories are you retelling not only from this life, but from your past lives. This is where you will be confronted by repeat situations and asked if you’re ready to look into the mirror to see your true nature?

The consolidation process takes deeper roots and you can begin to get to work on identifying your dream, however changeable it still is at this point!

Gateway 3 - Images, the conscious mind, Cassatron - keeper of the 3rd gate; The Mercury Gate

Images are everywhere, they show up in our heads and it’s down to us to turn them into something useful, and what about self-image? What thoughts put you in a lower gear, how can you change them and how can you put your powerful mind to better use? Spelling, word magic and its place in rituals.

Gateway 4 – Love, glamour, feelings over emotions, Glorianna – keeper of the 4th gate; The Venus Gate

Here you meet spiritual guides, sometimes angelics, here you form relationships with those helpers, identify which one does which role and take on the challenge of feelings over thoughts, or is that thoughts over feelings? Finding the balance between the two. Venus in your chart offers up so much information on your love choices as well as how you work with your feelings.

Gateway 5 – Balance, how you find it and what knocks you off it. Odetta – keeper of the 5th gate; The Sun Gate

This is where you’ll find out just how much power you truly have as you link with your own Holy Guardian Angel as well as build your own elemental force on a higher arc, one that will inform you when you’re out of balance and what’s required to restore it.

Gateway 6 – Karma, what is it, what’s yours? Vulkhan – keeper of the 6th gate; The Mars Gate

Cutting those karmic chords, removing the debris and polishing your armour. This one can be fierce, but worth it! You also get to look at the contract, what have you signed up for and what, if anything, can be changed?

Gateway 7 – Peace, where you find it and how you can help others find it. Antonista – keeper of the 7th Gate; The Jupiter Gate

Order and timing, how to walk in time with the universe and how to control time, speed it up and slow it down. Here you may also be introduced to a Master, a highly influential spiritual being, one who is willing to take you on as his or her charge.

 Gateway 8 – Silence, its immense power and polarity, opposites and equals. Kikanta – Goddess of the Night, keeper of the the 8th gate; The Saturn Gate

When to simply hold the space, say nothing even when you’re first instinct is to rush in, to comfort or to sort things out for others and how it can be used to diffuse tense situations.

Gateway 9 – Chaos, how it works in your favour and what great things come from it. Xariel – Commander of the high castle, keeper of the 9th gate: The Uranus Gate.

The pure force, the unedited energy and the raw power of the universe at your fingertips. The responsibility and what is ‘out -there’ what part do you play and what would they have you do?

Gateway 10 – Creation itself, no rules, a full expression of your ‘self’. Ioniel – Prince of the Universe, keeper of the 10th gate: The Neptune Gate.

Dream walking, the use of sleep as your channelling tool, how to work with the realms of Ioniel. Total oneness

Ioniel by Jason Mccreadie 2015 web size copy 2.jpg

Along the way you’ll have an opportunity to meet guides, Archangels, enhance your astrological and tarot knowledge as well as recognise karmic conditions that urge you on, some challenging, but never more than you’re equipped to handle.

Every month you’ll be offered an online seminar, work-sheets and a meditation that will help build into a catalogue of memories that brings your self-awareness to new levels and included in that webinar help to put it all together in a structured and effective way. 

Each step will be consolidated, completed with a meditation to an inner temple and a self-analysis questionnaire to add to your journaling, a questionnaire that probes your personal astrology and consolidates your tarot or oracle cards; your magik. 

What you get each month: 

Two 60 minute webinars


Facebook Group

1 x Ritual and meditation mp3

Monthly astrology

New and Full Moon Rituals

E-mail support

20% off all other online appointments

You will also receive:

Your natal chart

You will also get two 30 minute one to one consultations during the course


Non refundable deposit of £50 to secure your place now

Remainder of course early bird, before January 6th £400

Remainder of course after January 6th £450

Pay in instalments, January 6th £200, second instalment February 6th £250.