Heralds for a new age

One day I was meditating, just felt the need as sometimes happens, I had gone quite deep and as I was seeing myself lift up through one of the pathways of the Tree of Life I was suddenly aware of another being, not Sandalphon Archangel of Humanity as I had expected.

The face was very androgynous, the build slight and I could feel the depths of time and space in the energy it was quite magnificent. As is always prudent I re-enforced my will to only interact with beings of truth and light, simply by stating that fact and truly putting it in every fiber of my own light being. He, and by this time that was how the energy identified itself, he stated his name was Ioniel. Never heard of him.

He asked me to look at him, to face him and in that instant I was transported somewhere new, whipped into the universe and found myself very firmly in a sparse but calm space.



Ioniel governs these journeys towards new dimensions, new galaxies and new Archangels, yes new Archangels as well as other teachers. They are beings from other dimensions and all twelve that follow have been introduced in turn by Ioniel, he is your guide and protector as you meet these energies who now step forward to help remind your soul of all it has been and the memories from earth as well as other worlds and dimensions that you carry with you and have chosen to bring to this planet for it’s next evolutionary stage, they are here to help.



In my travels Daniel appeared as an angelic being , Daniel was in fact the first of the twelve, and he was and still is one of the most important energies to me. At first I wasn’t sure what role he played but as time went on and his image began to get stronger it was clear that in past life work he was a gatekeeper to stronger experiences as he was effectively moving from personality and soul work to soul and spirit.



Our next archangel is Hironiel, she governs your memories and how they have impacted on your emotional body, a whirling cleansing vortex of power sending her Moon powered vibrations through your memories and emotional body help you maintain your sense of intuition here on the earth plane. Next to Daniel she acts as a bridge between this world and the next.


Part of this journey is working with the new energies for change, some are angelic some appear to be from other dimensions and are introduced by Anuth or Ioniel as such.

Cassatron may not be as angelic as others, he is the first being you meet on this sacred journey that’s from outside the angelic realms. Anuth and Ioniel brought Cassatron forward in a flash of light, a flash of light that exploded into numbers, letters, codes both linear and random and all used to form a mighty energy that’s akin to Thoth, an energy that’s made of science, intellect and on first meeting is . . . . well, let’s see how that goes!



Glorianna is the most beautiful energy, she’s flame haired, a nod to the element of fire, she’s seen in a gown of emerald green and has the feeling of the purest of love. When meeting her it can be overwhelming so the heads up is you might need some tissues for this one!


I’m beyond excited to introduce you to Odetta, she’s such a force!

My first encounter with her left me feeling exhausted, overwhelmed by her energy it knocked me off balance for a few days but isn’t that the point?

She was introduced as my earthly world began to change and I had to adjust to a new way of being, letting go of my blinkered view that things would be okay if I just kept doing what I had always done.

As a feminine energy in a usually male part of the symbol of the Tree of Life she brings much needed balance herself. She is fierce, she burns bright and can be overwhelming when you meet her, but know that her main goal is to help you burn out anything that’s preventing you from seeing and manifesting your Soul’s purpose.



As you move into this temple the being who greets you has travelled far to be with you, a great warrior from his own home he’s no stranger to conflict and yet he’s as tender as any other.

He reminds you that no matter what you’ve been through it’s possible to bear it and to come out of it with a better understanding of why it happened, what was the catalyst and why you set it up either consciously or subconsciously?

Vulkhan leads you to the flames of truth and as you pass through them you burn away what’s already dealt with, strengthen your resolve and move into a land of opportunity through knowing yourself better.



Antonista appears fleetingly, a being of such immense power and size it’s difficult to be fully in his/her presence. You will see this energy in your own way, and rightly so, but for me it’s very difficult to describe. That was something I really struggled with, until I realised that it’s exactly as it should be.

Work with this energy to bring attention to your goals, to the work you’ve already put in and to know that you’re ready to proceed and seek a little help along the way.

Ask Antonista for exactly what it is you want, let this energy carry your desires out into the Universe and to help make it so.



Here you meet the magnificent Goddess Kikanta, Queen of Heaven and Guardian of the Eighth Gate.

She sits between death and life, between force and form and offers you the peace to see all and to make your decisions in silence.

She offers you a chance to understand your grief, to release it into the great Sea of the Universe and to be all that you can be, untethered by anyone’s beliefs, prejudices and passions.

Cloaked, she stands on the edge of a cliff looking out to sea, is she melancholy, longing for someone’s return or defending here shores? Only you can say.

She isn’t your words, she’s your mouth, your tongue, your teeth and your breath. The structures that make it happen, not the  event itself.



Here we meet the divine father, traditionally seen as a wise old man, seen in profile facing left towards the divine female.

But Xariel is far from traditional, he’s new, he’s wants to be seen as innovative, still working with divine parameters he is an Archangel, one of the highest order of seraphim. Like all the beings you’ve met to-date he wishes to change the vibration to a higher frequency, to speed up the ascension of earth.

He will do that through the work that you do, the people you meet, the new energy you bring to earth.



 Ioniel governs your journeys towards new dimensions, new galaxies and new Archangels, as well as some of the other teachers you’ve met.

They are beings from other dimensions and all those above have been introduced in turn by Ioniel, he is your guide and protector as you meet these energies who  have stepped forward to help remind your soul of all it has been, the memories from earth as well as other worlds and dimensions the you carry within you.

You have chosen to bring them to this planet for its next evolutionary stage, he and they are here to help.

As he faces you he is about to start initiating the flow of energy, the grey energy on your left ear, the black to your right. Force and Form.