Ioniel’s Symbol

Ioniel’s Symbol


Ioniel governs these journeys towards new dimensions, new galaxies and new Archangels, yes new Archangels as well as other teachers. They are beings from other dimensions and all twelve that follow have been introduced in turn by Ioniel, he is your guide and protector as you meet these energies who now step forward to help remind your soul of all it has been and the memories from earth as well as other worlds and dimensions that you carry with you and have chosen to bring to this planet for it’s next evolutionary stage, they are here to help.

My first meeting with him was a rush of pure magic, we spun around the universe as if distance was nothing and time did not exist, we moved through objects, into trees and felt the life pulse in them and into the oceans becoming every crystal clear atom as well as sensing despair, unrest, joy, love and the worlds’ chatter as we spun around earth.

But all at once it was calm, his voice was very clear and in measured tones sharp instructions about what happens next. Responsibility for your actions; mine, yours and humanities.

The journey you’re about to take isn’t easy, it’s not all love and light it’s shades of grey with extremes of black and white too. Ioniel chose his colours well, he knows there will be definite no’s, and absolute yeses but he also sees grey areas where ascension is won; or lost.

Welcome to recovering your soul’s memories, welcome to you.