Online Past Life Workshop

Starts February 11th 19:00 UK Time


Once upon a time . . . .

It’s really not a fairy tale, the truth is you’ve lived many lives and you’re gathered a lot of information during your time here on earth, and off it.

Some of that information filters through in your dreams, in your habits, routines, relationships, hopes, fears, challenges, gifts and what you’re having for your tea. Yep. Pretty much everything.

Let me be honest with you; past lives are odd things as none of them are really in the past. You’re running them all at the same time, some closer to the surface than others but there they are and we see them in each other as you see them in those near and dear.

In this online workshop you’ll be taken on a journey from who to where, to why and how you can turn all that information into change, inspiration and clarity in the here and now.


What’s the schedule?

Glad you asked. It’s four weeks of webinars, meditation, worksheets and online discussions to help you understand various ways past lives are influencing you. Don’t worry if you can’t make all four webinars, they are stored for you to access anytime you want which is kind of like past life memories come to think of it?

What you’ll need?

  • A journal

  • A quiet space for meditations

  • An interest in past lives

  • A desire to bring about change in your life

Week One

The theories, case studies and general information as well as myth busting and your chance to ask me what its all about. Then it’s onto your first meditation, sent to you separately so you can do it in your own time, this meditation is designed to give you that first glimpse of what you looked like in a past life. Exciting! We’ll discuss how to get the best from your meditations, adding some magic into the mix and generally getting you ready to do this thing!

Week Two

Now it gets a bit more serious, we’ll talk about soul mates, who they are why they are there and a few surprise guests as you get to see those that have helped you along the way in your current life, sometimes with a push rather than gentle persuasion. The meditation shows who’s who and what’s still left to be done, undone perhaps? You’ll also get a chance to talk about Karma, you knew it would be in there somewhere, what it is, how it works and what can you do to make it work for you.

Week Three

Now it gets really interesting as we talk key lives, what’s the biggest influence and what about seeing the general theme in your past lives? What do you do without realising you do it, what’s your real deal here and now? This is where you move up a gear and seek the guidance and assistance of the angelic worlds as you are introduced to higher guides and angelic beings just waiting for you to ask. Habits, routines, go-to fears and obstacles; creating a circle of support to overcome any and all. The mediation takes you out into the Universe, home sweet home, and into the retreat of Metatron.

Week Four

Now that you’ve established what you don’t want, what do you say we ask for that to be removed? You’ve been there, seen it and you have the T-shirt so now it’s time to get rid. Safely cutting chords that bind, asking for them to be removed and feeling the heat as they are. Then it’s onto creating what you want moving forward. We’ll also talk between lives and supernatural lives; you know the sort of thing, that time you weren’t human. . . such fun! The meditation is all about the removal of chains that bind, plus a bonus one on seeing into your future or maybe that’s better put by saying creating it?



4 weeks Starting February 11th through to March 4th

Once you sign up you’ll get all the details for the webinars, via Crowdcast, and how to access them using your unique code

4 x 1hr webinars, recorded for you in case you want to revisit or you miss one

4 x Meditations to explore past lives, plus a bonus meditation to build a strong, protected energy system

4x Worksheets

Private Facebook Group

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Investment £80