Clara, Bournemouth

"Wow! This time last night we were being wooed and wowed by David's inimitable knowledge and playful spirit. Thank you so much Claire for once again ace-ing it and for giving me that CLE team experience and the opportunity to connect in with one of our nations local treasures. David gemmed his event up with ease, connecting us all initially with a simple cleansing meditation then the engaging illustrations of the present past and immediate future (but not much on the far future). We responded by relaxing, trusting, laughing, questioning, sharing and occasionally shifting & wincing! The whole light filled event culminated in a musically accompanied visualisation where he led us through the inner adventure that is going to visit the Akashic records and AA Metatron! Incredible!!"

Jan, Shropshire

"Thank you for a fascinating and upliftingworkshop at Wilderhope Manor yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to understand more and more."

Leslie, UK

"Your talk and teaching at the weekend was wonderful and I could have listened for a lot longer. A big Thank you."