Pricing + Services


Skype sessions start from £55 for 30 minutes.

All one on ones are via Skype, Facebook or Facetime can be used should Skype not be available.


One thirty minute session

£55 — let’s look at your chart, seek some guidance or try to understand what’s going on and how long for or maybe you just want to know what your rising sign is? Perhaps you have a question on meditation, tarot perhaps?

One forty five minute session

£65 - you may feel you need longer, time to really get into it, maybe you’d like a guided meditation live with me? Yep, that’s a thing, you, me and the magic.

A six week course

£240 - let’s take our time with this, let’s explore what it is you want to achieve, what techniques you want to work on or maybe it’s adjusting to a shift in your energy? We can work it out. Six sessions over six weeks.

Three months mentorship

£1500 - three months of development, diving deep into the magic of astrology, tarot and qabalah. Tailor made for you, offering full email and Whatsapp support. 9 Skype sessions. Release the magic in you!