So much more than a reading, this session of rich guidance will provide you with wisdom at a soul level, to apply to a question or situation you are experiencing right now.  

Combining David’s tools and experience of astrology, energy reading, past lives, Tarot, Qabalah and channeled guidance, bespoke to you, this session provides the perfect footing for your spiritual pathway.

You can expect to gain a wealth of clarity and insight to take forward and answer questions such as…

  • What do I need to know to improve this situation?

  • What is my next right action to create more love in my life?

  • What teaching is this relationship or scenario trying to show me?

This guidance session works best if you have a specific question or topic you are seeking insight on. If you wish it to be a past life session please tick the past life box. 


  • £110 for one hour

  • £55 for thirty minutes

  • Via Skype

  • You are welcome to record your session, I can also record it on Skype for you.