For ultimate self-ownership.

For years I have been asked by my beloved readers and community for ways to work with me over time in a more in depth and extensive way, and after much scoping and heartfelt time in development, this is my answer.

This program has been especially designed to guide those that are ready to, and desire to go broader and deeper, in their commitment to learning about their own spiritual pathway and replace old stories and karmic fog with clarity, abundance and the energy of possibility.

It’s time to drop the act, to understand how magnificent you truly are and how to use it here on earth, right here, right now!

Perhaps you are moving from one system to another, one workshop to another seminar and hoping it will all make sense in the end but it never seems to.

You are struggling to be present with yourself in every sense of the word even though it is what you desire the most

You are feeling more confused than ever as you access the plethora of different books, videos, courses and seminars and within these different approaches, truths and advice.

And yet, what about your truth?

It is time to illuminate and walk YOUR spiritual pathway. You’re here to marry your earthly life with your spiritual practice, to bring your spiritual being out, to light your own path and follow your beautifully unique map to the treasure house of an enlightened life.

Working with you and your spiritual team this unique mentoring program delivers the process of remembering, the removal of the veil that separates you from the wisdom you already have.

Work with me and recalibrate your life, let go of fears that hold you back and embrace the joy of discovery, the excitement of seeing your dreams become reality and the peace of the great temples within, you will visit.

This is transformation like no other. Take responsibility for your soul.

You’re here to see the patterns, recognise that contrast with your ultimate dream and make your moves with confidence and the support of your spiritual team. And me.

A rallying cry from me...

I will not do this for you. No Archangel will do it for you. No chart, card or burning your intention will do the job for you. But together with your own soul, your determination and a belief in the magic that surrounds you, we will move the obstacles aside.  

I often hear "that’s how it’s always going to be for me", "it’s in my chart", "it’s my karma", it is what it is’". I am afraid this is just NOT the case.

The challenge may be in your chart but I can guarantee the answer is in your soul and together we will find it.

Safe practices rooted in ancient wisdom hold a power of their own, they have the energy of all those souls that have walked these paths before you and it’s waiting for you to use, for you to be a part of, not apart from.

When you can sit by an ocean and weep at its beauty, gaze in awe at the wonder of a leaf and just be, be all that you are in a moment cast from time and forged in the fires of your eternal soul you will remember who you are.

This 3 month experience includes but is not limited to:

  • A 2 hour immersive welcome session where we will unlock and review the insights from your birth chart and set intentions for our time together and reveal the questions that will most serve you at this stage of your spiritual pathway. We will also identify the guides from the astral realm that will walk this pathway with you and call in their unique voices to be present throughout your mentorship

  • From there, two formal sessions each month (6 in total that will be recorded and sent to you following each session so you can access the guidance without delay)

  • Pre, during and post session curiosity experiments and soulfully infused homework to bring action to your learning

  • Interim email access to be agreed to provide support as well as accountability as you integrate your soul’s unique lessons

  • A half way review report to take stock of progress made and stay aligned with your ultimate intentions for the mentoring experience

  • Unique meditations exclusively recorded for you and your journey

  • Access to my 20+ years of spiritual experience

  • A personal welcome note and signed copy of Basics of Qabalah

  • Automatic membership to Samsara Om

Cost: £2500

Payment plans and PayPal payment available. Please just ask