Planteray Dynamics 2019


What is it?

When you’re born your natal/birth chart is created, it’s like the instruction manual for your incarnation here on earth. But the engineers and assessors, the helpers and hinderers continue to move around your chart in a predictable pattern, making sure you’re offered the best opportunity to fulfil your contract; the one you agreed to before incarnating.

The challenges will be highlighted to give you a head’s up, to be ready to meet them head on and not allow procrastination or even complacency to delay the rewards you get from working through them. The positive aspects that come up are brought to your attention too, times to celebrate, push for that new job or whatever brings you joy. Knowing where those points are will enable you to make sure you’re out there, making the most.

The Transit Report 2019

  • Like Satnav for your year ahead, a way of plotting your way through avoiding potholes and making the most of open highways.

  • With you within 36 hours, last shout for Christmas delivery is 23rd December midday

  • Delivered to your inbox as a PDF

  • Detailed approximately 20 page report for you to mark significant dates in your diary

  • £35

  • You also get a voucher for 50% off a deeper dive session, Spiritual Pathway, where we can discuss your chart, take some cards, sort out any questions on rituals, guides; pretty much anything you need/want in your journey beyond the woo.

  • This report looks at how the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune are affecting ALL your natal planets and your rising sign.

  • You will need your time of birth, as accurate as you can, it is possible to do this without it but it won’t hold as much information.