experience soul growth your way...

I currently work with clients in the following ways and each present a truly personal approach to guide you on your soul’s journey in this lifetime. For bespoke requirements please contact me to discuss your needs.



Soul Pathway reading (30 mins)

This is a 'traditional' reading format and at 30 minutes in length is perfect for you if you have a specific question or decision, find yourself at a crossroads or you would simply benefit from guidance right now 

The Past life experience

Uncovering the secrets you hold, the precious information you have brought with you through lifetimes of working on refining your soul, all threads that stitch together the tapestry of your life, your lives.

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For spiritual teachers and wellness professionals

Please note this is not a business coaching offering - this service is designed to support you and your work to go deeper in its development and potency so you can grow to your fullest potential and in doing so serve your clients                                               

Spiritual pathway session

So much more than a reading, this session of rich, detailed, in depth guidance will provide you with wisdom at a soul level, to apply to a question or situation you are experiencing right now.  



Patreon Membership

This is for the busy bee, those who want content brought to  them, on a bus, on your walk to work, on your coffee break. This is an exciting new offer that links my home to yours, looking forward to doing so much more with it! Make a pledge on Patreon to get your daily oracle or tarot card, monthly astrology, Moon rituals and meditations sent directly to your phone, tablet or computer. 


Spiritual pathway mentorship

For ultimate self-ownership. For years I have been asked by my beloved readers and community for ways to work with me over time in a more intensive and extensive way, and after much scoping and heartfelt time in development, this is my answer.

VIP and Corporate

This offering is most suitable for clients with a public profile in business or the entertainment/media industries and can include one off workshops right through to year long regular access and support. Non UK based clients welcome. Please contact the team for us to set up a call to discuss your needs and our recommendations on working together, based on these