experience soul growth your way...

I currently work with clients in the following ways and each present a truly personal approach to guide you on your soul’s journey in this lifetime. For bespoke requirements please contact me to discuss your needs.


Spiritual Pathway Reading 30 minutes or 1 Hour

This is a session of rich, detailed, in depth guidance that will provide you with wisdom at a soul level. I call up your chart and dial into its magic, then link to the Angelic worlds for more information, we may join together for a meditation or a ritual? A totally bespoke service just for you.

If you’d prefer an email chart or tarot reading they are now available by clicking on the Shop dropdown.



This offering is most suitable for clients who really want to take a deep dive with one-to-one support. I have very few VIP clients at any given time, that way I can devote more time and energy to your needs over a month, three months, a year; it’s up to you. If you’re interested in working one-to-one, set up a discovery call and we can have a chat. I am now booking for 2019, with only three spaces currently available.