December 2018 



The 21st sees the winter solstice, the Sun’s highest point in the southern hemisphere and its lowest here in the north, the turning point between dark and light. Astrologically it’s always the Sun’s move into Capricorn, the hard-working sign, the bossy one, the one designed to do things properly; the traditionalist. We all have Capricorn in our chart, so this move will affect you regardless of your sign. The Moon is new in Sagittarius, the full is in Cancer that’s the 7th and 22nd respectfully. Mercury goes forward from the 6th and enters Sagittarius on the 12th.



It’s a game of home and away for you Aries and you could find yourself conflicted, where do you spend precious days and that’s not just a toss-up between home or the in-laws for the tofurkey dinner. You have a lot of work matters to deal with, big gains to be made there too, but here’s the skinny; they will wait until January. In fact, January is a premium month for your career efforts. So, relax, take the time to just sit and be with those who usually see you running and wondering how you’ve been. Priorities.



Some questions over your relationships early this month, Mercury is still in reverse there until the 6th and even up until the 12th he suggests an apology wouldn’t go amiss? Don’t do the dour face T, take a deep breath and know that your wisdom in taking the higher ground will give you a clearer view and you can assess what’s next for you and yours with a clearer head, rather than a muddled heart. Opportunities come from overseas, it could be work but its certainly wrapped in big decisions.



Oh Gemini, you do need a little break, time to calm that head of yours down. It’s like shining your headlights on full-beam into freezing fog; you’re only going to make it worse. Turn it down, stop trying so hard, allow yourself to feel your way through and things will begin to unfold as if by magic. It’s been a tough year Gem, what have you learnt and how can you put it into practice this month? At the risk of bursting into song; let it go Elsa.



The full Moon on the 22nd is your annual ease on down the road lunar light, the one you should look forward to as it offers a chance to see who’s standing on the side-lines and whether you want them to join you or not? And if not? Keep walking, but don’t look back Cancer; that is perhaps the biggest piece of advice for December. Once you commit, don’t let nostalgia haul you back. Relationships are highlighted by solar light and Venus; get serious, get playful; wake up surrounded by five sailors and a tub of vegemite.



Making so much effort on the love front isn’t something you’d planned, it’s just that someone is so, so, well you know. . . just so . . . oh for goodness sake Leo what’s wrong with you? You’re normally on it like a seagull on chips, so why is it all so much like hard work? You’re either back after a little break, feel like your punching above your weight or possessed by the Mercury/Jupiter charm offensive? All of the above perhaps? However the fun-time fairies find you, make it big, expensive and fab-u-lous!



It’s beginning to look a lot like gift exchanging time as I spend a tenner on you and you spend a tenner on me, and we both end up with crap we don’t really want and a tenner down. Bah! Break a few rules Virgo, go on, take a short trip to the Bahamas, don’t turn up for Auntie Jean’s buffet and mingle; do something just for you and someone special perhaps? There’s a rebellious streak in your chart, go on, loosen your woggle and reward yourself with a vegan eggnog. Outrageous.



There are some folks who think you might be ignoring them, but the truth is Libra you can’t see them when you’re head down getting on with stuff. It’s not that you’re burying yourself in your phone or admiring your new shoes, it’s simply you’re so busy with work nothing else is getting through. Until a conversation around the 21st that is. That’s when a family member or bestie reminds you of your other priorities; wise old owls are they. Uranus pushes a heated debate between you and your other half around the 15th. Just saying.



If you’ve got something to say it’s better off said than sent around the block wrapped in whispers and double meaning. Don’t get into it Scorps, you’re better than that and your direct approach will get results faster than any whisper campaign. Mind you, it could come as a consequence of someone else’s reluctance to talk; show them what it’s like to be a grown up. Venus continues her very long journey through your sign, holding court with Saturn and Neptune. Don’t let anyone shift your routines to suit themselves.



Where’s that little Santa you put on the tree and what happened to the lights from last year? Maybe your yule-log has burnt down way to early or perhaps your other half invited the in-laws without telling you? I make light of it, but some family or domestic matter could flare up if you don’t pay attention early on. If it’s not sitting right, if you can’t find the paperwork, the cranberry sauce or the will to be remotely interested; deal with it early. Your annual new Moon is on the 7th, good day to start new projects.



You’re usually bright as a button, you love the tradition of this time of year and hey, it’s your birthday season from the 21st; what’s not to love? Something is amiss Capricorn, something isn’t as it was and that can be disconcerting for a sign such as yours. If you feel the need to be melancholy you go right ahead, but do it properly; pyjamas, duvet and a big tub of ice-cream. Stiff upper lips not required, the ice-cream slips off it. Here’s to later in the month when you’re moaning about sprouts and winning at trivial pursuits; restored.



An easy pitch to say be careful with money this month, but seriously Aquarius; be careful with money. It’s nothing to do with the season and everything to do with the union of Mars and Neptune in your cash sector. Pay attention to where it’s going and who has your details, it’s a question of not allowing complacency to govern. A last-minute invitation could lead to exciting opportunities for you, make the effort even if you have settled in and opened the box of toffees.



How are you? Mars marching through your sign is moving through the hinterland of Neptune’s nebulous armies and he may get caught in the fog they use to slow him down. Very poetic, but what does it mean? It means your great ideas, your enthusiasm for a task in hand can be halted by a need for sleep, a desire for a little lie down, is that cake for me? Extra push to get things done please; rally the troops! Jupiter begins to fulfil his promise of new contacts for big work deals. If you stay awake.