Gong hei fat choi! Happy Chinese New Year, the start of the lunar year and the new Moon in Aquarius, always. Easter is a lunar festival too, that’s why it changes every year, but back to the Year of the Pig. I am not a student of Chinese Astrology but I do know the new Moon in Aquarius, 4th here in the UK, is one that brings a reminder to be your authentic self, even if speaking that truth is tough. Venus is in Capricorn from the 3rd, that’s one busy sign this month BTW, and Mercury moves into Pisces from the 10th. Mars is in Taurus on St. Valentine’s Day so eat even more chocolate than usual and the Sun shifts into Pisces on the 18th. On the 19th the Moon is full in Virgo and that’s all the movers and shakers this month. Of course, they also form all sort of shapes, aspects, as they rotate around the chart and that’s what I use to write your ‘scopes.



Yawnsville as your career sky is busy still, all that responsibility, hard work, being grown up and doing the best you can to make sure you fulfil the expectations put on you by your mum, dad, society or Phil and Holly. Really Aries? Maybe it’s time to get off Uranus, only with you until next month, and bring some excitement into your life? Do something different, use the new Moon on the 4th to network, e-meet new folks and with Venus making new love connections obvious you might even find someone to play with too?



Mars is in your sign from the 14th, St Valentine’s gift for you T, your relationship ruler moving in to warm the space before Uranus gets around to a state visit next month. This combo brings on a new you, a gym bunny, yoga pants deal going on or maybe it’s finding new ways to eat that satisfies both your hunger and your need for nurture? The new Moon is a career one for you, so around the 4th exploit any career elevation possible especially if it involves sharing your chocolate. Don’t push it.



Your ruler Mercury, Neptune and the Sun at the top of your chart is a call to get your CV out there, followed by a meeting or two and an offer which you really should negotiate up to offer what you want, not go blindly into accepting whatever is put in front of you. We’ve all done that, but not this time Gem. You’re dealing with debts, financial or emotional, like a boss this month and aiming to free yourself from any and all is something that works very well for you. Single? Yes you are.



With Venus in your relationship sky you could find one, keep one or do one it’s really up to you Cancer. The impending union between Saturn and Pluto in that same space, is akin to having your relationship audited and makes this your priority placement. Don’t automatically think partner, it could be your bestie, your boss, anyone you have a strong one on one with. Fun! Day to day work matters could be blown out of proportion, suck it up or blowback seem to be the only options.



When you hear about any activity in Aquarius it’s your relationship sky Leo, so a new Moon could mean someone new or maybe a new phase? Venus is holding court in a busy work place, a mentor or maybe a helping hand is making him, more likely her-self useful and could be the secret to success, a promotion or recognition for a job well done; collaborations rule. Add to that St. Valentine’ Mars into your professional sky and you really could be flavour of the month. Yummy.



If it’s all too much, remember the full Moon is on the 19th. She’s yours and it’s a great day to put your hand to your forehead, proclaim just how busy you’ve been and how much you’re over it and take the day off. Drama? Never. The new Moon, 4th, is all about seeking new solutions that will help you run your life better; what doesn’t bring you joy needs to go. Mercury, the Sun and Neptune all bring you someone to help declutter your knicker drawer. Yay!



Taking things easy isn’t something you’re a stranger too, you know how to relax Libra. But this month you’re asked to get off the sofa, pop that feather boa in the wash and wear a nifty designer scarf as you need to get out; out-out into the big wide world. The new Moon, the Sun and an impending visit from Venus suggests some fun and games and of the grown-up sort for single Libra? But. A house move or change in domestic circumstances brings stress, have another lie down.



Holding back the tears? Don’t do that Scorps, don’t keep it inside when all you want to do is let it out and yes, you need to be comfortable which means with people you can trust and you don’t need everyone knowing your business but do let it out. Sometimes we’re told to be brave, have faith, have courage but the reality is it takes more courage and faith to be honest about how you feel than to cover it up. This month it’s family, work and money that come together in a mess that will be sorted and sooner than you think.



What would you say to someone who told you put up and shut up? The energy is fierce for all of us, we’re demanding so much of each other and somewhere along the line you’ll meet someone who thinks your problems are small fry compared to theirs. That may be true on paper, but on your heart it’s certainly not. What you actually get to see are those who will be for you and those who never were. New codes of conduct are being written, by you not for you, be clear on what you will accept and what is no longer valid.



You’re busier than a busy thing as Venus, Saturn and Pluto grace your sign and only one of them is moving on anytime soon. That would be Venus, she’s asking you to consider a long-term career move as well as a new romance, yes as well as. It’s double trouble as you seek to balance your needs with those of a partner, workmate or boss. You can do it Capricorn, but it will take every ounce of your diplomatic skills, one of Venus’s specialities as it happens. An amazing new role could be the catalyst.



The new Moon, 4th, is your annual lunar start to what could be a year of great change given your ruler Uranus is in a new sign. This combination is one that highlights your domestic life, more to do with bricks and mortar if truth be told and you will be sharing big truths this month for sure. Not only about where you want to live or who with, but also regarding past events where some folks may feel they hold a superior position. A peg or two, or four or eight; knock them down with even more of those truths.



With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your sign this month you’re playing catch up. But who or what are you catching up with? A group or organisation that owes you something needs reminding of their obligation, then it’s a bit of money coming back as debts are repaid or refunds made. You’ve also got the full Moon on the 19th opposite you, this produces a heartfelt chat between you and a bestie, partner or family member to help clear up any misunderstanding and finally bring some peace to a whole heap of he said she said nonsense.