Oracle reading for October




People call for change, they don’t want the status quo. Then things change and folks cry out for how things used to be because it didn’t come the way they wanted or expected. Changes are coming whether you like the way they’re presented or not, but don’t let that deter you from having your say, fighting your fight. Saturn and Pluto are closer than ever, Pluto is back in direct motion, Mercury is in Scorpio from the 3rd and Venus joins in the pre-Samhain celebrations from the 8th; your deepest magic is called to the party. Bring it.



A full Moon in your sign, 13th, sums up the month as you’ve had enough and feel overwhelmed with yet another run of moody moments from someone who won’t listen to your advice. So stop giving it. Concentrate on you Aries, what do you need embrace more of in your life and what, or who, can do one? Career shake ups are inevitable, shake with them or sashay away.



One of the toughest lessons of Uranus’s trot through your sign will be striking the balance between standing on your own and wanting a cuddle. You don’t have to sacrifice a thing T, it’s simply about communication rather than expecting someone to read your deeply coded signals. Relationships will be intense. Whether that’s huffy-bus or edible chocolate spread is up to you.



You’re planning a coup, shaking things up a bit maybe? Be it a complete take over or something a bit subtler you might want to consider keeping your plans to yourself as much as you can. Knowledge is power Gemini, waiting for the right moment is preferable to telling everyone who will listen and please, avoid giving away your gold on the socials. Shushy.



You never knew, you had a hunch and didn’t listen to it. Suspicions are your spider sense sparkling quietly, alerting you to something not quite right in your web. Pay attention Cancer, an early heads up is hanging around and if you act on a hunch you’re likely to prevent a whole heap of shoulda, woulda, coulda. Single? New romance needs your hunches to. Hunches bring bunches of love.



What is it that you want from work, home or family? Consistency maybe, some transparency or maybe loyalty? Why shouldn’t you have all of that? No reason at all Leo, but first you’re asked to sift through what that means and be honest about just how much of it is old baggage that’s not so relevant anymore? Time to cut away what’s already of no real importance to you.



Your creative powers are growing, sure that could mean a pot of paint and a wet flannel, or maybe it’s a new business, new romance or some clever ways with lists? How it manifests is up to you V, just pay attention to the wee still voice that says you could do that and turn the word could into I AM doing that! Focus your mind and the rest will follow.



Birthday time for Libra and you’re getting Mars in your sign, from the 4th, he’s a bit noisy and with your opposite full Moon on the 13th it’s clear where some of that noise is going. You’re determined to sort out a one-on-one once and for all no matter where it is, work, rest or play. Big shifts around home and family break through the one day maybe to here it is!



Later this month you really do come into your own as all things deliciously dark come into view. The richness of support for your longer-term ideas is booming and as long as you stick to doing things your way it will continue to do so. Why wouldn’t you? Whispering voices, dissenters in your ranks, remain a deeply in love with the new you at the end of the month as you are at the start.



Money issues are still hanging about like a bad smell on a night bus, but at least you’re moving forward right? True, but you could do so much more and it seems you know it, so why not show it? Is it about how things have gone in the past, the judgement of others, FOMO? Excuses are the currency of procrastination, swap them for direct action today.



Your ruler Saturn in your own sign, Pluto moving direct and new faces moving into your life can only mean one thing; a giant leap forward! Just as your nose was about to go under in whatever swamp you’ve been trying to drain along comes a helping hand. Someone has bright ideas, so what if they aren’t yours, how’s about a bit of teamwork?



It seems the rumours are true, someone is moving up or moving out, creating space for you Aquarius but it’s not a given. A change at work is all about working it, creating new networks and convincing those who could change things up for you that you’re the one for the job. That or telling them where they can poke it. Your choice.



New adventures await Pisces, not sure if that’s a good thing? There could be a few uncomfortable moments, you know that, but give it time to settle and you’ll see that a recent tough choice was the right one. You may lose some friendships along the way, truth it they were never that committed in the first place and their departure makes space for better alliances.