June 2018 


It’s solstice time as the Sun moves into Cancer, 21st, be it your summer or your winter one it’s a time for reflection, time to consider how far you’ve come in the past six months and what you want to move forward with, or what you want to leave behind. The new Moon is Gemini, 13th and the full is in Capricorn on the 28th. Mars reverses in Aquarius from the 26th until August 28th, usually a sign of disruption don’t see that as negative. Find Aquarius in your chart, ask what changes need to be made in that area and commit to a de-clutter.



Your first full month without Uranus in your sign, but he’s still around and concentrating in your finances he’s determined to work things out, to encourage you into a new budget that’s more realistic perhaps? Creativity is high on the list as you seek like-minded sorts to hone your talents for performance, for art of all sorts and if you’re single that mix and mingle could lead to romance. Be careful with technology this month Aries; charge it, back it up, file the important stuff someplace safe.



How’s it going with your new resident? Uranus will have brought some shake ups, early born Taurus in particular, but the removal of those old habits is a positive thing and for your professional life in particular it may be time for some bold moves. Nothing amazing ever happened through thinking small Taurus, through staying where you are as tempting as it may be. Look for the opportunity to upgrade, no matter what area of your life it comes from it’s your chance to move up a level and shocking those who said you couldn’t into silence.



The new Moon, 13th, is your annual reset day so maybe it’s a wise Gemini who uses the days prior to work on just where that reset occurs? Money is under scrutiny, could be there, but the chief contender is likely to be your big ideas; the book, the re-location, a potent new friendship or love of your life? Neptunian sources report heightened activity in your work zones too, but here all you have to do is get out of your own way and leave the powers of happenstance to do their magic.



Solstice is your season Cancer, a chance for the Sun to shine from your sign, but until the 21st he’s illuminating your house of forgotten dreams, haunting your sleep by shining his bright light on past endeavours. Sometimes it’s not the idea that was off, it was the timing. Now things appear to be going in your favour is there anything you want to resurrect, to bring into the light? It’s not a guarantee of smooth and unfettered progress, Mars still presents challenges, but those who trust their intuition could profit; personally, and professionally.



Venus is with you from the 13th, Mars is opposing you and so these two legends will go head to head. Team Venus wants beauty and blissful experiences, team Mars wants you to bare you soul to someone who wants to get to know you better. Hide nothing Leo, true love comes from the highs and the lows and walking through it all in unconditional union. A deal breaker at work could encourage you to end the month by looking for something new, you don’t need to be included in the shenanigans of others.



What is it that you desire, said in my best Genie voice. Mars wants to be of service to you Virgo, he wants to help put some energy into breaking down your routines so that you can find space to do the things you really want rather than what you think you ought. A voice from your past reminds you of promises made, of pinky-swears returning as old friends catch up and catch you out; settling for something less than you truly are. Magic conversations motivate, late night sessions bring commitments and you’re back on track.




There’s pushy energy around Libra, it’s the sort that has you glad someone is else is making the decisions and then wondering why you left it up to them. The solution is to be involved from the off, be it about where you’re going on holiday through to what’s happening at that big family do, be involved or forever hold your peace. If it’s solstice time it’s career time for you Libra, get that CV polished and be ready to leap ahead when the opportunities move in later this month.



It’s not easy when you’ve no idea how powerful you are and even if you did you don’t know where to point that thing! This month is about finding your niche, finding what it is you want to do rather than what others think would be a good idea. From the 26th your ruler Mars is in reverse and all the way through until August 28th the rule is slowly-slowly less you break something and as that’s in your domestic fourth house it’s family ties or heirlooms that need bubble-wrap. A full moon on the 28th encourages a conversation that sets out new rules, your rules. About time.



Relationships is where it’s at for the first half of this month, all your one-on-ones are up for conversations that start light and enter the depths of who said what to whom pretty sharpish. By the 14th things are clearer and you’re able to move forward with more unity be that a partner, bestie or workmate. Mars reverses in your travel and daily communication sky, like a Mercury retrograde with more oomph, give way Sagittarius it’s often better just to know your right rather than have to jump up and down to prove it. If you’re hankering after some financial stability there’s good news later in the month.



Did someone mention a full Moon? Your annual lunar bath is set for the 28th of the month, so up until then you can bask in the idea that whatever you’re toiling over you can bring it to some conclusion by month end. Could it be a work deal that nobody seems to be taking seriously bar you? Maybe it’s that money issue that you can see coming a mile off and want to get ahead of? Or what about solstice relationship illuminations that always bring emotional moments and full disclosure on the feels front? Probably all of the above truth be told.



Did someone mention Mars? It’s on you Aquarius, he’s reversing in your sign, so you play host to him just that little bit longer; something to work with rather than push against if truth be told. He’s feeling aggrieved, not happy with the way something has gone and as your career and daily ritual planet it might be time to put your superpowers to work in those areas. The solstice helps, the Sun warming things up at work, Jupiter swings into action with Neptune making money and career magic; but nothing will happen unless you push like you’ve never pushed before.



It’s all consuming this link between Jupiter and your resident ruler Neptune, but only you can see it. To some it may appear as if you’ve let go, doing nothing about anything much at all but the truth is you’re observing, seeing the plan unfold and when you’re ready you’ll know what to do. House matters are resolved around the 13th, romance it’s from the 21st and after the 26th you’re a little less Hermit and a lot more High Priestess as you show the rest of the signs how real magic works, just be careful with those lightning bolts that fly from your fingertips as you direct powerful changes that may shock some and delight others.