Oracle reading for August



With new Moons topping and tailing this month you could see that as a sign to be more innovative, to start new things and given those Moons are Leo and Virgo it’s a sequence that offers creativity and attention to detail in a flow chart assisted by current business trends in Capricorn demanding a release of the old to welcome in the new. Create. As Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus move direct the wheel spinning stops, helping you out of a rut and bumping you back on track, or if you take the Moon’s advice; a new pathway altogether.



Sometimes you’re as blasé as a blasé thing, rushing on past barely taking notice of what’s going on around you and what’s been left behind in your wake. Not this month Aries, this month your friendships and your working life are aching to be seen and in order to do that there may be a drama or two. Pay attention to the details of life; joy and pain, tough question and gain. All to play for.



Uranus moving direct in your sign may not curb the shocks and surprises that are now a part of your life, but his easier mood could be just thing for acting on them rather than doing your best Oscar winning performance whilst hoping things will change on their own. Add that new Moon at the end of the month and you’ve got a recipe for something spectacular wrapped up in what some may call luck, but you and I both know it’s been about hard work and perseverance.



You can drop the ‘tude, we all know you care even if you’re doing your best to hide it. Better to get into it Gem, to have those awkward and often dramatic conversations and if there are any family situations that need unpicking start there. Your head is in overdrive as this month begins but know that the more you deal with in the first two weeks, the less you have to firefight in the latter weeks. Honest conversations from the off.



How are you doing? Seems you’ve had a bit of a shake-up C, the sort of events that disrupt your Chi, upset your balance, wobble your blancmange. Things are steadying this month as you find your new normal, settle in with a new way of being with those around you of course, but most of it comes from making peace with yourself, accepting a new life phase or the departure of old friends or young adults as they blossom and grow.



A new Moon kicks off your month, your own personal one as it offers you a two-week drive towards something grand and as she turns full, 15th, you get to edit what’s not working for you; or who? If you’re in the mood to take your red pen out, to edit even further than that one thing, that one person then so much the better. A shift in planetary weight mid-month asks you to set out your truth, your real values and what you can do to live them like the boss you are.



You won’t see the work that’s gone on, you won’t know who has sung your praises or sent notes to those who matter and none of that is important V. What you will see is a rise in your stock, an increase in interest in what you do or how you do it and that’s where you need to put your efforts; in delivering what’s asked. Don’t dig, don’t analyse, don’t ask and don’t nip if you’re not given all the details. Take a deep breath and take a leap of faith.



You’ve got the gift of the gab, the ability to talk a good talk but are you actually listening to what you’re saying Libra? It’s a month to be your own guru, to put all those things you’ve learnt into action and you start with impressing a new group of folks who will be big in your future. The great thing about all of this is you won’t have to try too hard, in fact the harder you try the less you’ll impress. You be you, it really is that simple.



With the powerhouse that is Uranus in opposition to your Sun sign you may have experienced some energy zapping revelations over the past few months and for you Scorps that usually means self-realisation. So now come self-actualisation as you put into action all that’s been revealed, and you get to wow us all! However, it will involve going out, out-out, as you mix and mingle with the great and even greater. In it to win it.



Your ruler Jupiter moves forward from the 11th, that has to be good news right? Yep, good news for all of us and for you Sagittarius it may even help with family or domestic confusion as you try to find your way through questions over house and home. Doorways that were once closed could open up, a new role in the workplace may provide more income or an opportunity to travel could push the go button on a long-held dream.



You’ve got enough to get on with, Saturn and Pluto are still in reverse. Take your attention off them, look at friendships that offer collaboration opportunities as well as revisiting an old project that could be upcycled into something amazing. Saturn and Pluto are slowing you down, fact, but that’s not the same as stopping you; see the favour they’re doing you and work with and not against them. Go deep, deeper still.



I have some notes for you Aquarius, not that you’re doing anything wrong, it’s just some observations from your home planet that may be of some use. Whilst trying to do your best for others you could have overstepped their boundaries, not intentionally but that’s how humans are sometimes, they get funny when folks try to help them out. Take a step back, help yourself by leaving them to it and concentrating on new romance or a proposal be that romantic or professional.



Starting again isn’t easy, no matter if it’s a great big start or a little change, it can sometimes feel scary. That’s an illusion Pisces, there’s no fear here and the more you tell yourself that the less it will matter. The full Moon, 15th, offers you a chance to say ta-ta to tantrums and tiaras over what could have, should have or would have been and replace it with excitement about what’s new, what’s ahead, especially for new jobs and promotion.