Oracle reading for July




It’s eclipse season, Cancer/Capricorn arc this time, and that’s the eternal push and pull of home versus career, heart versus established systems, you against the system and all those questions of what’s truly your choice or what you feel you ‘should’ do? Strike a blow for your own independence, for your own freedom of movement but above all your own critical thinking untethered by the nonsense of conforming to suit the plans of others. You may feel as if you’re done taking orders from those who adopt a sense of superiority where there is none, never was. Let the light shine through.



A sense of fair play is something you will always defend, but at what cost? Take care Aries, you could be fighting the battles of those more than capable of doing it for themselves but why should they if you’re stepping up? Ask if you need to get involved in a circus not of your making? Career or domestic upsets could feel like a seismic shift, perhaps a shock, but ultimately it’s clearing the way for bigger things.



You can speak your mind, and you probably will, but make sure you have all the facts before you commit anything to paper, text or social media. Once out there you cannot take it back and as much as you like pie, humble pie may not be one of your favourites. Big things could happen for you this month T, the sort of shifts that take you to foreign shores, get that publishing contract or find the funds for a grand project. Keep the faith.



When does it ever end Gem? As soon as you leap from one crumbling bridge to another the ground shakes and you’re off again! Sometimes you need to be shaken out of the complacency of the same old and if you’ve had all the ideas and done none of the leg work this is precisely what’s happening. Neptune is attempting to remind you who you are, seeing through the fog of other people’s opinions to the truth of your own desires. Game on.



Did someone say eclipse? There is loads of stuff out there, lots of great videos and some deep analysis of this occasion and I would urge you to seek it out. But this ‘scope is more about the feels, the words come from heart led sources that sometimes don’t need the mind-bending ins and outs of well-intentioned blah. And so it is with you Cancer, hold a situation in your heart and ask if you’re keeping it, or if it’s time to say farewell? Uncomplicated.



Mars and Mercury meet in your sign, Mercury is reversing so it’s a bit of a reach to say he’s in a good mood. So it is with you Leo, as you swing from knowing precisely what to do next and finding out someone has put a spoke in the wheel and you have to re-think things. All designed to let someone or something go, to face up to old habits, old ways until you’re so far over it you set up an automatic bin it, bypass it, make bold new choices response.



Mates could be holding up a mirror to your choices, helping you see what you’ve missed as their actions bring into question some of the paths you’ve taken. You could shrug your shoulders, note the synchronicity and laugh at the universal laws that are showing up for you, or you could take notice and do something about it? Mid-month a heated debate will reveal a helper who has been anything but, intentionally or not. Much is revealed, act on it.



With the Sun and Venus in your professional sky it’s a great time to acknowledge what you love doing for a living and to do more with it; a promotion or a change of location that better suits you perhaps? Family matters are uppermost on your mind, a forced move of home for you or someone in your family or perhaps a realisation that someone in the family group isn’t where they want to be; emotionally speaking? Comfort time.



What you see in others isn’t the same as anyone else, never will be Scorps. You can spot the extra good in folks as well as some shady energy and it’s worth reminding yourself that it’s okay not to go along with popular opinion; as if! Equally, you don’t have to tell the world about your insights, all you need to do is notice your response, trust it and act accordingly. Difficult conversations are ahead, diplomacy may be required.



Living within your means sounds like a right dreary way to start your ‘scope, but there it is Sagittarius. This isn’t about hand knitted shirts and value beans, nothing wrong with either by the way, it’s about getting value from your resources. Shop around, you could end up with a whole lot more for a whole lot less. A domestic is in need of clarity, ask the right questions rather than a long list of random ones.



The eclipse of the 16th is personal to you and as it’s so close to Pluto it’s not what you’d call a comfortable one. But that doesn’t mean it’s something to worry about Capricorn, the reality of astrology is akin knowing what the weather is like and you need wellies or a sun hat. You will need both. A storm is coming, and you will need to actively clear the air, once done a refreshingly honest relationship with your other half, bestie or sworn enemy is gifted.



As Mars and Mercury dance the dance of the flaming wordsmiths on your relationship sky, you’re probably inclined to say a few things that you will later pretend you don’t regret but deep down you wish you’d handled things differently. Take a breath. Work matters are coming to a head and you’re seeing off the competition with your usual flair for the dramatic, the unique and the wizardry your famous for.



Own it Pisces, whatever ‘it’ is you need to show up and take charge. Ask him or her if they want to have drink, be considered for that job, get the house sold, do what you have to do and yes, even if that does include creating a bit of drama. If you’re single the new love vibes are high, they come with some comedy moments as you try to arrange your first date but hey, it’s something for the best person’s speech.