October 2018 




Astrology for October



Attention is focused on Venus as she reverses, 5th of October until November 16th. She spends almost all of this month in Scorpio, reaching Libra on the 31st, it’s time to dig deep into all things love related. Sometimes folks get a bit gloomy when retrogrades occur but is it necessary? If you deem it so, you go for it, but maybe use it to touch the heart-stone of what’s happening with you and your partner, bestie of yourself? Go there. The Moon is new on the 9th in Libra and full on the 24th in Taurus, check out your own ‘scope for the starting gate and the finishing line for those two. Mercury is in Scorpio from the 10th, preparing the way for the Sun on the 23rd and just because he can, Mercury moves again and ends the month in Sagittarius on the 31st. Quick witted sorts will do well, but be careful what you promise, who too and when by. It’s Halloween on the 31st, you knew that, dress up, dress down just don’t get caught by the ghoulies.



Having so much activity in your house of the walking debt it’s not going to be your finest hour on the financial front, or you could use all that trudging through the remains of who owes what to whom to find some final resolutions? Front up. Venus brings intense feelings, reciprocated we hope, fully immerse yourself in a new or existing relationship by being honest about your turn ons and your turn offs. The new Moon on the 9th provides a good day for frank discussions with all your one-on-ones.



In a world that changes all the time you want solid ground to stand on T, you like to plant yourself four square and feel okay; secure. This month that may depend on someone else’s contribution, more than you realised perhaps? Unfortunately, for you to realise that he or she may have to put some distance between you, leaving you space to understand what you have perhaps? Rally round, find the balancing point and commit to being more, or less according to your new agreement.



Dearest Gemini, why so fractious, why so fidgety? You’re everywhere and nowhere all at the same time so maybe the answer you seek is to sit still. Can you? You want to know the answers to a work riddle that’s anything but clear to you and if there’s one thing you can’t bear its lack of clarity; what is going on? Let it go Elsa, freeze out the fear it brings by paying no attention to what happens next and concentrate on what’s happening now. By the month’s end new contacts bring the clarity you seek.



Get your portable record player out, your best vinyl and swish on over to the local hop as you wallow in a world of nostalgia, a world of simpler times perhaps? Going back in time isn’t really the thing Cancer, it’s pairing it down so you can do three things; meet real people, have real conversations and feel the vibes in person. Its playtime be that for your love life, with new colleagues or making some space for friends and family be there and no over an internet connection.



There’s far too much going on with other people’s dramas and they can blame Venus as much as they like but you know it’s just what they’re like, it’s always like this. Calm down. You have a point Leo and you’ve made it, frequently I expect. So now it’s down to making things work for you and yours, even if that means you’re the one who has to sort things out. Be it house and home or heart and head you’re called to be the ruler of all you survey and that includes holding court and getting the job done.



As you’re more vocal than ever it’s only natural that other folks will want to pitch in, when you take a breath that is. You’re making some valid points and you have more on your list, but maybe slow it down a tad? The danger is clear Virgo, instead of talking someone into a choice or a decision that works in your favour you will talk yourself right out of it. Check your facts too, some may have been fed to you from jealous sorts who want to see you or another fail. Shields up.



As you watch your ruler reverse you’re not waiting for her to land in your sign, you’re noting where some things are taking longer than others and where those delays lie tell you what an issue for the coming months will be. Preparation is everything Libra, take notes, make savings, load the store cupboard but be ready. The new Moon on the 9th is your personal lunar year launch date: set your intentions based on what you’ve been keeping to yourself that now needs outing.



Wow! What a month Scorps, here it comes and as much as you’d like to play the oh no, shocked face, close up role we all know that deep down you’re relishing it. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all in your own sign gives you super powers and as they’re playing games with Neptune it’s all underpinned with fantasy situations that could come true if you dream it so. So what if Venus is moving in reverse, she’s just adding a little bit of extra spice to the situation and maybe a bit of leather.



Secret things are going on between you and someone close and whilst that could be the reason you appear covered in hay and sporting a hairdo like you arrived on a bike, it could also be something a little less romantically bent. No matter what you’ve been up to here comes an opportunity for you to shout it out, to speak up and hide your talents or your shenanigans no more. By the end of the month a new tribe gathers and you finally feel like walking in the sunshine again.



So, Pluto is moving forward in your sign and once more it’s easier to get things done that during his annual backflip. You’ve seen this so many time before Cap, but don’t let that make you complacent or you could miss the combo that is Pluto forward and Venus backwards, one that could bring success your way. Look at new faces appearing around the organisation you work in, worth with, a bright light carries an idea you want to be a part of, even if he or she isn’t what you’d call your type. They will be.



Easy in a modern world, easy to form opinions based on the algorithms that feed it. Better to talk to folks Aquarius, especially if you’re job seeking at the moment, unless you’ve taken care of all those shiny posts and made yourself look am-a-zing. That zing is important to secure the role you want, on line or in person. A domestic matter flares up around the 24th, as tempting as it might be to hide until it blows over your presence is required. Insisted upon even, see beyond the demands and focus on resolving things.



You could easily go over the top this month, that slow build of issues with your Shona and the wedding of the year, or is it where you’re going for Christmas? It’s no wonder you’ve had enough Pisces, some folks have been banging on and on and frankly you’ve over it! Good. Get over it, get shouty if you like but get it out there. And calm, happy thoughts again. Big things happening for your professional life over the next few months Pisces, those small changes you see happening now are all about getting you ready to move.