August 2018 




August Astrology



The month begins with aftershocks from the lunar eclipse, from seeing things you took for granted being removed or shaken. Of course it’s about removing the old to make way for the new and that’s exciting if you stop and think about it, but have due diligence and make sure you tie up any loose ends be they personal or professional before you move on. As the excitement of the release kicks in it’s tempting to rush into the new, more may be gained from taking a deep breath and setting a more sustainable pace. A partial solar eclipse, new Moon, is in Leo on the 11th and the full Moon is in Pisces on the 26th. Jupiter and Neptune form a perfect trine on the 19th, so between the 11th and the 21st ask yourself what dreams may come and get ready to make it so.



Relationships leap to the front of your agenda as Venus shifts into your seventh house of connection with another, an opportunity to restore balance within a dynamic that may have been out of synch even if that’s about self-care. Money issues raise their head from the 7th, think of radical new ways to make cash rather than the same old and look to your ruler Mars who’s bringing professional changes linked to you past to do just that.



Can you work things out? Can you sit with someone you share a desk with, share a role with or share your lunch with and figure out how you can bring a little more peace to the workplace? You’re in full on chaotic mode Taurus, hosting Uranus and his backflip you’re carrying the torch for cantankerous ways of being and that my friend is no bad thing. Be awkward, not for awkward sake but for the sake of rising higher.



You flirt your way through the month Gemini. Showing more interest in others attracts a new tribe, new folks who could brighten up your days and yes, it could include a new love interest. Take care around the middle of the month, someone may not like what you have to say which isn’t the issue, it’s how they then repeat or change your words. Hold no space for gossips even if that does mean a drama or two.



All things house and home are highlighted early on as your sanctuary wants sanctifying. Burn the sage and light the candles or pop down to Ikea and re-do your kitchenette, get busy. It could be about people too, making up and making overtures to those whom you’ve been estranged from. If you’re planning a getaway or a new line of educational interests, take your time and check out all your options before committing.



The solar eclipse of the 11th is in your sign, sealing any deals on last month’s lunar eclipse but asking you to finally admit what’s gone by getting on with what’s replaced it; have courage Leo. A time shift is happening or you too; it’s like a quantum leap into your own futures as you see what could be so clearly you doubt yourself no longer. Use that universal nudge and make it happen.



When you finally admit to yourself that being a grown up means taking full responsibility for yourself first; that. You’re not being selfish Virgo, you’re just making sure you’re up to being there for your partner, friends and family by being the best you that you can be. Finances are improving, that helps, but what really pushes you on is the ‘I’ll show you’ vibe provided by doubting sorts at work. You will show them, and then some.



Your ruler Venus is back in your sign from the 7th and its cause for great celebration as you meet the goddess for the first time in a long time. She’s bringing new romance your way if you want it, a new designer wardrobe if you can afford it and more chocolate than Willy Wonka could provide. However, this golden ticket comes at a price. Domestic upheaval; a house move, someone moves out or perhaps in?



It’s okay to be a bit of a recluse Scorps but it’s all about balance. You can have your alone time, it suits you, however you must also have your new experience time, your show and do the work time, your maintain friendships time. Work out a schedule and stick to it. A sudden romance could bring you to a new place too, perhaps not geographically but certainly in you heart.



You’re preparing for some professional change as this month begins, a shift in the way you do business or who you do it with. You’re already in the planning stages, now it’s whether or not you’re going to follow things through? Turn to your allies, your mates and colleagues not only for support but for some nagging and the occasional biscuit; whatever it takes. Golden moments are incoming, first you must prepare the way.



Venus is at the top of your chart from the 7th and as she highlights your talents, first make sure what you’re selling! If it’s about love and romance you don’t have to look far to find it, if it’s about your working life contacts move in who will love what you do from the off. Apply for that promotion, look for new work but a word of caution. Love or labour, the same old won’t work for you. Get creative.  



The solar eclipse is opposite the recent lunar one, a sealing of a deal for you Aquarius as you’re shown why some things were never going to work for you and where the silver lining lies in any clouds you’ve had as a consequence. Take big bold steps, march all the way into September with renewed confidence and the ability to claim what is rightfully yours. Oh you’re so masterful!



Without sneaking around, without bitching, moaning or complaining you manage to secure something wonderful for yourself and isn’t it a great feeling when you know you’ve done it all without creating karma or mischief, unlike some others we could mention. Jupiter and Neptune offer you luck, especially around the 18th – 20th and it’s something you need to use rather than wait for it to come to you. Just saying.